Danny Pudi has quickly established himself as a highly sought after actor in film and television. Best known for his breakout role of 'Abed,' in the hit comedy COMMUNITY (NBC), Pudi has also established himself through recurring roles in shows such as GREEK and GILMORE GIRLS and starring alongside the likes of Stanley Tucci and Patricia Arquette in films such as LARRY GAYE: RENEGADE MALE FLIGHT ATTENDANT and VIJAY AND I, respectively.


Pudi will next be seen returning to his breakout role of ‘Abed,’ in the comedy COMMUNITY, previously on NBC and continuing its life on In its first season, COMMUNITY premiered as NBC’s highest rated comedy debut in three and half years and Pudi’s ‘Abed’ quickly emerged as a favorite of both fans and TV Critics alike, earning him a “Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series” nomination at the Critic’s Choice Awards for 2012 and 2013. Daily Variety named him one of “TV’s Top 10: New Faces for Fall.” 

Danny Pudi


Jon Heder

Jon Heder became an overnight sensation and gained an instant cult following with his feature film debut in the title role of the offbeat comedy NAPOLEON DYNAMITE.  Heder’s endearing portrayal of the somewhat nerdy high schooler who helps his friend Pedro get elected class president was a huge financial success and brought him two MTV Movie Awards, one in the category of Breakthrough Male and a second for Best Musical Performance for his crowd-pleasing election night dance.


Heder has also starred opposite Will Ferrell in the hit comedy, BLADES OF GLORY, which took in close to $120 million dollars at the box office. Heder has also starred in films such as MAMA'S BOY opposite Diane Keaton and Jeff Daniels, and in animated films such as SURF'S UP and MONSTER HOUSE.


Karen David


Karen David’s television roles have earned her a diehard fanbase. She played a teacher named Francesca Montoya from WATERLOO ROAD REUNITED, where admirers fell for her compelling performance. She has also starred in a two-part special of ABC’s hit crime drama CASTLE, which gained the highest ratings for the show. She has played alongside Kiefer Sutherland in the pilot episode of TOUCH, which was a huge success and debuted in American to 12.5 million viewers.


Aside from a flourishing screen career in films such as RED LIGHTS with Robert DeNiro, David is now set to star in ABC's much lauded upcoming musical-comedy GALAVANT.

Rizwan Manji

as BABU 

Rizwan Manji is best known for his role in the NBC sitcom OUTSOURCED. He has recurring roles in hit television shows, including PRIVILEGED, BETTER OFF TED, 24 and many others. Manji has also been featured as a guest star on shows such as GLEE and TNT's HAWTHORNE.


On the big screen, Manji has worked with director Mike Nicols and Tom Hanks in CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR, with director Martin Scorsese in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET with Leonardo DiCaprio, and with director Larry Charles on THE DICTATOR with Sasha Baron Cohen.

Sam Page


Kevin Pollak


Kevin Pollak has captured the attention of audiences worldwide with his range of both dramatic and comedy roles. He has appeared in over seventy films, as well as countless television projects, and has established himself as one of the few stand-up comedians to have a successful dramatic film career. Highly recognized for his work in films such as THE USUAL SUSPECTS and A FEW GOOD MEN, Pollak has also proven himself as both a writer, producer and recently a director and talk show host.

Iqbal Theba


Iqbal Theba became a familiar face when he appeared in various TV shows in the 1990s. He has worked in numerous co-starring and guest-starring roles in Television and Film, including on shows such as MAD ABOUT YOU, SEINFELD, and LIVING SINGLE. Theba continued to work, guest-starring in shows such as FRIENDS, THE WEST WING, EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, COMMUNITY, and dozens more.


Theba is also widely known and beloved for his role as Principle Figgins in the Fox Television series GLEE, for which he won a Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) award.


Sam Page had the distinction of simultaneously juggling three recurring arcs on AMC’s Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning MAD MEN, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, and ABC Family Channel series GREEK.  He has since appeared on widely popular shows like GOSSIP GIRL in the form of an arc and in season two HOUSE OF CARDS with Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. He has also appeared in SCANDAL, THE MINDY PROJECT, CASTLE, and LIE TO ME.